Saving Money on Internet Services

Saving Money on Internet

Internet has become so important to Canadian that we now base where we buy a house on the speed an reliability of the internet provided to that location.  Internet now provides us more then just social media and websites.  Increasingly Canadians are turning to their internet for their TV and home phone services.  Cable and phone companies are now seeing their profits slip away as we turn to these alternate sources, but this is also causing internet companies to intoroduce monthly download caps and traffic shaping to limit download speeds during peak times.

Deregulation in Canada means that you now have more choices then the big boys for your internet services. Ontario-Internet's services are a low-cost alternative. Deregulation allow us to rent the cable, DSL, or fiber optic lines from the larger companies at low rates and then pass on the saving to you, the consumer. The great thing about our services -- they're unlimited, and there is little to no contractual obligations!

We're seeing an average of about $150 monthly savings from our customers.  Yes it's true that some people have a plan that is either grandfathered in or an awesome deal that was given to them that we just can't beat, but it's worth the phone call to find out! You can call us at 905-655-3661 for a no-obligation quote.

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  • Activation, installation & shipping charges are non-refundable
  • 30 days advanced notice is required for cancelling
  • If cancellation occurs during the first 12 months, all the promotional discounts will be charged back.
  • Service available where technology permits
  • Unlimited download subject to Fair Usage Policy and CRTC regulations
  • Speeds may vary with internet traffic server or other factors
  • All information and related materials are subject to change without notice

We are connected with internet service providers who service all areas surrounding Oshawa, Brooklin, Whitby, Ajax, and Pickering Ontario