Internet Speeds Explained

Internet Speeds Explained

Speeds are measured in Kbps, Mbps and Gbps. Kilobits per second, Megabits per second and Gigabits per second. These are the data rates measured in units or bits per second (bps).

Kbps: Kilobits per second. One kilobit per second equals 1,000 bits per second.
Mbps: Megabits per second. One megabit per second equals 1,000 Kbps or one million bits per second.Gbps: Gigabit per second. One Gigabit per second equals 1,000 Mbps or one million Kbps or one billion bps.

Gigabits vs Gigabytes

Many people confuse gigabits and gigabytes.  Both are measurable data rates but they are different.

"Bits" are the most basic measured unit in computing, while a "byte" is comprised of 8 "bits". Traditionally a lower case "b" stands for bits and an upper case "B" represents a byte.  We switch to measure by bytes when the numbers get larger for example bytes are generally used when describing data capacity, for example Gigabytes and Terabytes.

Great info... so what does that really mean practically?

The table below will give you a more practical guide to how the connection speed you choose will affect the time it takes to do tasks online.


Internet Connection Speed Time to load a typical web page    Time to load a typical 5 minute song    Streaming video quality   
56k dial-up 14 Seconds 12 minutes 30 seconds Low Quality
256k broadband 3 Seconds 3 minutes Low Quality
512k broadband 1.6 Seconds 1 minutes 30 seconds Low Quality
1Mb broadband 0.8 Seconds 41 seconds Low Quality
2Mb broadband 0.4 Seconds 20 seconds Medium Quality
4Mb broadband 0.1 Seconds 5 seconds Medium Quality
6Mb broadband Instant 3.5 seconds Medium Quality
8Mb broadband Instant 2.5 seconds TV Quality
12Mb broadband Instant 1 seconds TV Quality
24Mb broadband Instant Instant Superfast
50Mb broadband Instant Instant Superfast
100Mb broadband Instant Instant Superfast

What speed will my household need?

17 Mbps - Ideal for browsing and downloading

  • Great for small households
  • Good multiple devices online
  • 30 minutes to download an HD movie
  • Good to stream online tv

38 Mbps - Great for multi-user downloading and streaming

  • Ideal for families with many devices
  • 15 minutes to download an HD movie
  • Better to stream online TV

76 Mbps - Best for multi-user downloading and streaming

  • Ideal for speed freak families with many devices
  • 8 minutes to download an HD movie
  • The very best to stream online TV to multiple devices.

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