How does the Internet come into my house?

The internet comes into your house using your existing Rogers Cable or Bell telephone lines. As long as there are Rogers or Bell lines in your area, even if not currently run into your house, we can get you hooked up no problem.  **Note: the placement of the internet modem is VERY important if you are bundling this with your phone or TV services.  Talk to Skyview about the ideal location to install your modem in order to avoid extra installation costs.

Is modem location important?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are planning on purchasing the phone and/or TV services, each device will require an internet connection.  Strategically locating the modem to connect these devices, will help you minimize extra cable installations. Our installation services have options to avoid drilling holes and running cables, and this should be discussed at the time of placing your order.

I don't want to deal with Rogers or Bell, I don't want anything to do with Rogers or Bell!

Great!  Neither do we!  We are not affiliated with Rogers or Bell in any way, we only use their cables to send the signal to your home.

Do I need a credit card or will I be billed monthly?

Yes, you DO need a credit card.  A lot of our customers use Vanilla Visa pre-paid cards or the amazing BMO pre-paid travel mastercard (no credit check). This saves a lot of money in the billing departments.  Saved money is then passed on to you!

What if I owe Rogers or Bell money?? Will they still let me use their lines?

Yes! We have 3rd party agreements so your beef with Bell or Rogers has nothing to do with us being able to get you hooked up! If you're planning on keeping your same home phone number when switching over to our Home Phone service keep in mind that your existing provider might block the transfer if there is an outstanding balance.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes! BUT - DO NOT CANCEL YOUR SERVICE BEFORE TALKING TO US! In order to keep your phone number, there is a specific process that must be followed.  Contact us today to find out more.

Does 911 work on your phone system? 

Yes, but there are limitations and conditions with the 911 service that you need to be aware of. Because IP based phones and services can be easily moved, you need to make sure that the address on file with your internet service provider is current and up to date at all times.  The 911 operators rely on this information to get you help quickly when you are unable to communicate.  We need to stress that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT AND UP TO DATE.

By adding items to the cart you are not committing to anything. When we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm your details, answer any questions and take payment information.

  • Activation, installation & shipping charges are non-refundable
  • 30 days advanced notice is required for cancelling
  • If cancellation occurs during the first 12 months, all the promotional discounts will be charged back.
  • Service available where technology permits
  • Unlimited download subject to Fair Usage Policy and CRTC regulations
  • Speeds may vary with internet traffic server or other factors
  • All information and related materials are subject to change without notice

We are connected with internet service providers who service all areas surrounding Oshawa, Brooklin, Whitby, Ajax, and Pickering Ontario