Cut the Cord without Cutting your Services!

The term "Cord Cutting" has in the past meant that you need to lose all of your favourite services. That same term is now coming around to mean something completely different.  "Cord Cutting" now generally means cutting off the large corporations from charging you huge bills, and yet still retaining your current services. 

Finding an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Durham Region with reasonable pricing

How is that possible?  Well it all started with the governments de-regulation of services.  That brought about the ability for smaller companies to start building and using the existing cable / internet lines coming into your home.  De-regulation has definately helped push the industry into innovation and the benefits are now starting to flow down to consumers in a money saving way.  You no longer have to buy your cable from a cable company!  You can now watch many of the cable TV stations through the internet with a service called IPTV.  It works just like your cable box, so the main difference you'll notice is your much lower monthly bill. Still not sure about IP TV?  Have you ever used Netflix or Youtube?  Those are IP TV services, they just don't have the normal TV stations like regular TV.  That's where this service fills the gap!  We have already started helping people get hooked up with a cost effective internet service provider in Brooklin, Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax or Pickering! We work with multiple Internet Service Providers to find you the best price on the internet, tv and home phone services you know and love.

Home Phone is much the same, you can keep your same phone number but get a much much lower monthly bill.  The phone service is supplied by a small box that is hooked into the internet, then hooked into one jack in your home, which in turn connects to all the rest of the jacks in your house.  Home Phone is the most powerful product we install.  If you find your home phone bill is high due to all the extras and long distance etc. this product has the potential to save you big time. $8.95 gives you all the phone options you need like voicemail, call waiting, call display etc, PLUS free north american calling, and hugely discounted world wide calling. If you use Rogers Home phone, you're already using this type of service - why not switch now and save more every month?